Echo Title Company, LLC, was created in 2020 by Bethard & Bethard, LLP, a Louisiana property law firm. Bethard & Bethard, LLP, is a family firm and has been a leading expert in real estate and title law since 1922. Henry W. Bethard, Jr., moved to Coushatta Louisiana, in 1921 because there was a need for mineral title lawyers in the area at the time. In 1922 he first opened his own law firm. In 19___ his son, Henry W. Bethard, III, was admitted to practice law in Louisiana and joined the firm, and the firms name then became “Bethard & Bethard”. In 19—James “Jim” Bethard and in 19– Robert E. Bethard, both sons of Henry W. Bethard, III, joined the law firm. In 2007, twins Ben Bethard and Henry W. Bethard, V, joined the law firm.

In 2016 Ben Bethard and Henry Bethard opened the Shreveport Office. While real estate law and title matters have been the primary focus of Bethard & Bethard since 1922, the firm decided to heavily focus on real estate transactions, and created Echo Title Company, LLC.


Any title company can find a potential title problem. Not all title companies provide solutions to those problems.  Often times an issue may be brought to your attention and you are told to come back when the issue is resolved. In those unfortunate situations, the closing may be too long delayed, or fall through altogether.

Here at Echo Title Company, we have a reputation for finding ways to solve title problems, quickly, so that issues do not get in the way of a closing if at all possible. The worst thing that can happen when a seller wants to sell and a buyer wants to buy is to hear that there is a problem. It is a terrible situation for everyone involved, including the title company. This is why we put our utmost attention on every title issue that we encounter, no matter how small, large or complex. If anyone is able to timely and effectively tackle the issue, it will be Echo Title Company, LLC.

Echo Title Company is backed by almost 100 years of practice of the Bethard & Bethard, LLP, law firm, in order to quickly assist and tackle those issues whenever needed.